SNAILBACK FALLS TRAIL - Illinois Valley - Oregon

The Snailback Falls Trail leads to a little-known waterfall, cascading down a steep rocky ravine, called Snailback Falls. This trail located in the Illinois Valley (OR) in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, just outside Selma, OR. The trail is only 1.5 miles but rises steeply along an old mining road - up to the ridge where a trail picks up. There is an old mine site there with a dangerous tunnel to avoid. When the winter storms come this waterfall is a rare treat to look at, over 400 feet tall, that can be seen several miles away. The trail begins along an old steep mining road, just past the Star Flat Road, along the Illinois River Road outside Selma, OR. The old road climbs up to the ridge where a trail, to your right, follows through the forest to an old mine site. Go past the mine to find Snailback Falls.

Elevation: 1480-2,400 feet;
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult;
Trail Use: Light



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